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Extrait peinture de M. Philippe Chapeau


During the sixties, the art world is turned upside down by the recent discovery of photography. Engraving, until this time has been considered up to then a definitive process in the printing of art works, finds itself retreating before this new process. François CHARBONNEL works as a chemist in Paris . His skills in chemical engineering and his spirit of discovery lead him to consider creating a factory to produce ground inks and varnishes for intaglio and lithographic art printing. In 1862 this goal is achieved and the small family-sized buisiness opens up in Paris, 13 quai de Montebello, on the banks in front of the cathedral Notre-Dame. In response to the developpment of photography and photomechanics, artists start organising. The rediscovery of lithographic process makes it possible for engraving to undergo a revival. Painters such as PICASSO, RENOIR, DEGAS or MANET become regular clients of CHARBONNEL whose reputation in the matter of of intaglio inks has started to overcross the borders of France. Poster designers such as LAUTREC or SIGNAC join the famous painters and engravers of their time.



F. CHARBONNEL’s factory assures his development by working on new printing process and working out inks and varnishes always more performing.

In Paris, many lithographic workshops are created and CHARBONNEL increases his production in order to answer the demand .

These good times last until 1930, when the birth of a new photomechanical process, the offset, will turn upside down the life of many makers in inks and varnishes. Engraving gets back its status as an authentic piece of art while losing the one of printing process.

Nowadays, more than 150 years after its birth, CHARBONNEL applies on diversification by opening itself up to the gilding trade while it keeps on providing inks and varnishes for intaglio and lithography.

His association with the number one in fine paint LEFRANC & BOURGEOIS enabled him to keep his status of unchallenged worldwide reference in the matter of art printing inks.


Charbonnel Shop

13 quai Montebello

75005  PARIS




Store Hours

Monday to Friday: 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Subway: Maubert-Mutualité ou St Michel

From intaglio to gilding :

  • Equipment, inks and varnishes for intaglio
  • Equipment, inks and varnishes for lithography
  • Gilding mixture, gilder’s clay, and other products for gilding