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Engraving on metal plate

It takes place on a metal plate or directly using a tool, or indirectly by the action an acid. Direct technique: engraving, drypoint, or cradle, scraper, burnisher for mezzotint, roulette regular or irregular in the way of indirect pencil Technique: etching, aquatint, sugar, soft ground.

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There are two techniques of gilding to use depending on the nature of the support to Brown: The oil gilding (admixture to brown) is used on metal, monuments, gates, walls, domes, roofs churches, plaster figurines and lead ... The water gilding: the admixture of water used on wood or plaster to the inside and the bole is used for icons, frames, and wood.

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Lithography (drawing on stone) is distinguished from other forms of printing by the fact that there is neither hollow nor relief. It is made from a limestone in which the artist draws directly to the pencil.

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Wood engraving

The woodcut or engraving in relief, is a technique of separating the parts of the non inked inked plate of wood. Etched with knives or gouges in the form of U or V. Is deposited with a hard roll with a thin layer of ink and is printed by hand (in the buffer, the baren ...) or to the press.

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Lino engraving

This is the same process as woodcut except that linoleum (soft material) makes the job easier. With this facility, we made ​​a technical school use. However, jobs that have great artists, especially Picasso and Matisse, gives the lino, a place in which the print is far less than the woodcut.

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  • 24 shades + 2 additives based on water-soluble and non-toxic emulsified oil
  • Washing hands and equipment with soap and water
  • High light fastness
  • High pigment concentration and good miscibility
  • Tight and easy to wipe
  • Use on less damp paper than conventional inks
  • Drying identical to conventional inks
  • Non-dryable once dry



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